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Everything IS Better

                                                           WHEN ITS FREE!!

                                                     Fresh Canadian                                  Cheemo

     Breyers                                         Inside Round                                    Perogies
     Creamery Style and Blends                       Oven Roasts                                     Regular 3.99
     Ice Cream                                       Regular         Buy                             815 to          Buy    Free
                                                                                                     907 grams
     Regular 7.99    Buy                             16.49 kg        ONE     Free                                    ONE
     1.66 litre      ONE    Free                                     ONE

                                                                                 Cut Fresh
                                                         Great                  Instore from
                                                         on the
                                                         BBQ!                 CANADIAN BEEF
                                                                               Grade ‘ AA’ or Higher

     Knorr                                           Maple Leaf                                      Arm & Hammer 2X Liguid
     Pasta                                           Black Forest Ham                                Laundry

     Sidekicks                                       Freshly sliced from our deli                    Detergent

     Regular 2.19    Buy                             Regular 2.29    Buy     Free                    Regular 6.99    Buy
                                                     per 100 grams
     Pouch           ONE    Free                                     Get                             2.03 - 2.21     ONE    Free
                     Get                                             ONE                             litres          Get
                     ONE                                                                                             ONE

                                                          Buy 100 grams and get
                                                         another 100 grams FREE!

     Fresh Baked                          Green Giant                         Astro Yogurts                       Hunt’s
     Apple                                Whole                                          Buy                      Pudding

     Pies                                 Kernal Corn                         Regular 4.39  ONE Free              Snacks
                                                                              650 to 750
                                                                              gram tubs
     Regular 5.99  Buy                    Regular only  Buy                              Get                      Regular 2.59  Buy
     620 grams  ONE   Free                Reg 1.79   ONE  Free                                                    4 paks      ONE  Free
                Get                       341 ml     Get                                                                      Get
                ONE                       Limit 3 free  ONE                                                                   ONE

    Prices effective Thursday, May 24 to Wednesday, May 30, 2018                Selection may vary by store.    Visit our Website:
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